Recreate Your Style Inspirations – Q&A with @theminimalgrl


One of my favorite challenges is to shop my closet for outfits that I spotted out in the world. Being able to recreate a look from what you have is a great way to expand your styling ideas and get more wears out of your existing wardrobe. I’ve been seeing quite a few women doing this on Instagram and Nori’s account @theminimalgrl is one of my favorites. She nails her style inspirations every time, using similar items from her wardrobe. We asked her how she got started and for tips on how we can recreate our own favorite style inspirations.

SB: What inspired you to start looking in your closet to recreate looks with similar pieces?

N: There have been different factors that have motivated or inspired me to start recreating outfits. The first would be the economic factor, trying to avoid buying compulsively. The second factor I could say is environmental, in the fashion industry many materials (I would say most) are not biodegradable. Studies and documentaries have been made which indicate that the industry is among the [most] polluting of the planet. And finally, and most important it is to inspire other women to be able to take ideas when choosing an outfit for each occasion.


SB: How do you choose outfits to recreate? Do you start from your closet or the inspiration first?

N: [When I choose] an outfit to recreate, I observe if the inspiration has three or more pieces that I can find in my closet. However, they do not have to be necessarily identical, they can be similar pieces in the print, color or shape, etc. On other occasions, I look for specific pieces of clothes. In addition to this, I have other ways to find inspirations, according to the:

  • –  occasion, whether to go to a park, for dinner, for a job interview or for a date.
  • –  seasons, it can be spring / summer or autumn / winter.

SB: Have you noticed any changes, positives or negative, in how you shop after you started replicating looks?

N: Yes, I have noticed positive changes. Recreating the outfits has given me the opportunity to save time and money, avoid compulsive shopping and be more aware where I spend my money. Also, I want to share with you an exercise that I always practice when it comes to buying, I ask myself three questions: Do I need it? Do I have something similar in my closet? Can I think of at least three occasions where I will wear this?

SB: Did replicating looks change how you view the clothes already in your closet? If so, how?

N: Absolutely. Replicating these outfits has given me the opportunity to appreciate what I have in my closet. I’m learning to be more creative and more spontaneous at the time of dressing, and I realized that I have everything that I need. And of course, I have to mention that since I started doing this on Instagram, I don’t say the phrase: “I have nothing to wear,” because I have my own virtual closet.TheMinimalGrlQ&A3

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Here are some other outfit recreations that got it totally right:


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