How to Get Creative with Your Closet – Q&A with Carolyn of My Chic Obsession

My Chic Obsession Style Q & A

If you’re looking for some unique styling ideas to refresh your closet, then you have to see My Chic Obsession! Carolyn takes her classic style to the next level with creative accessorizing and styling. We asked her how she achieves her chic and totally wearable looks and she shared her go-to accessories and a few styling tricks. See her advice below as well as some of our favorite posts from her blog!

SB: I love your “ways to wear” posts. What’s your favorite clothing piece that you’ve remixed? 

C: Thank you! I loved finding different ways to wear my cardigan. Because not only can a cardigan be dressy or casual, but I found ways to actually transform the piece and wear it as a halter top or even backwards!

cardigan (similar to the one worn), photos courtesy of My Chic Obsession – 3 Ways to Wear a Cardigan

SB: How do you come up with creative ways to style the same piece different ways? Do you find inspiration first? Do you just experiment? What’s your method?

C: I use a mix of all of those methods. I’ll try to find inspiration first and get an idea of where I want to go, but you just got to put the item on and start messing around with it. That’s where the best ideas come from!

Get Inspired to Remix Your Closet with These “My Chic Obsession” Posts:

This is the same top worn 3 ways! photos courtesy of My Chic Obsession – 10 Chic Different Ways to Wear the Same Shirt

SB: What are two key accessories in your wardrobe that make your outfits go further?

C: I’m always reaching for my sunglasses to up that chic vibe. Hats are finishing touches to a look too!

sailor’s cap, straw boater hat, white sunglasses, classic beret – photos courtesy of My Chic Obsession (from left) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

SB: What’s your favorite way to maximize the clothes in your closet?

C: I’m always a big fan of layering and doing little tweaks to make clothes from different seasons work!

See some of her styling tips and tricks here:

SB: What’s your favorite go-to outfit recipe?

C: High waisted jeans, basic tee, and a blazer. It’s an easy and instant way to look chic! You can switch out the footwear too depending on where you’re going. So easy!

See More Stylish Outfit Recipes from My Chic Obsession:

SB: What are three styling tips that elevate your basics?

C: Layer, add a print, and do something unique to your look, such as knot the top or roll your jeans.

Get more outfit ideas from Carolyn  at her blog My Chic Obsession

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