Tips For Consigning Your Clothes – Q&A with Amanda of Style For It

StyleForIt_Stylebook_slideAmanda is the founder of Style For It, a consignment site featuring  an amazing selection of pre-loved plus-size clothing. She’s a savvy businesswoman who saw a need in the market and filled it! We asked her about her tips for consigning just in case you’re thinking about cleaning out your closet!

SB: How did you get interested in consignment?

A: As a plus size professional working in the apparel business in San Francisco, I am constantly buying for work, non-profit events and the many nights out as a city girl. The other constant is sometimes I don’t wear an item more than twice, but I couldn’t find a resource to trade or sell all the pretty things just hanging there.

SB: When cleaning out my closet, what types of items are most appropriate for consignment? 

A: At StyleForIt, sizes 12-32 in great condition no longer being worn, as well as current and timeless pieces. Here’s what we consider timeless: dresses (e.g. see the IGIGI we have on the site), good jeans and simple suits.

SB: Are any pieces too trendy for consignment?

A: Short skirts and loud prints.

SB: What type of items does Style For It accept for consignment? 

A: Dresses, pants, tops, jackets – all sizes 12-32 and in like-new condition.

SB: What items are the most desirable? 

A: More expensive items and dresses that have been worn a couple of times to pass along for another girl to enjoy at a reduced cost.

SB: Do my items need to be basically new to consign them? What items are not accepted? 

A: It is more about being in great condition and items that are current – items from lower-line stores are not accepted (Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart). Items should be clean, current, and in good condition (sizes 12-32). If the item is missing a button or zippers are broken, we are unable to accept. Here is the designer list to the brands that will sell the best.

SB: If you were going to convince someone to consign pieces from their wardrobe, what would you say?

A: If you want to update and keep an organized closet for ease of dressing, consign items that you aren’t wearing that are still in good condition.

Shop now on Style For It! 




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