Keys to Curvy Dress Up   – Q&A with Natasha Nurse

Event season is upon us! That means a steady stream of weddings and showers – aka opportunities to dress up! Here to make sure you find the perfect party dress is one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8

NN: This month, I am going to my bestie’s wedding and I can’t wait to see her in her gorgeous dress from Kleinfeld Bridal. In addition to seeing her, I also anticipate looking around at the guests to see what incredible fashion will surround me.

So…I thought I would answer some questions that speak to our hidden thoughts when it comes to curvy bridal wear!

SB: What is a dress or base outfit that can work for multiple events without feeling trapped in the same look? 

NN: For me, the best way to be prepared for my fashion needs involves sticking to a particular style and color theme that I can always dress up or down for the specific occasion. Personally, I usually go to dark colors and love a bodycon or A-line dress which will complement my pear shape and can easily be styled for casual or more dressy events.

This sleeveless bodycon dress can easily be paired with a dynamic jacket, killer shoes, or unforgettable accessories. These options will never make you feel stuck or uninspired when combing through your ever growing closet.

So much of feeling good in our clothes comes from how comfortable we are in what we are wearing. A-line dresses work so well for so many different body types. Use this knowledge to make your shopping decisions that more easier!

SB: What do you recommend for the tricky black tie optional wedding? 

NN: When it comes to black tie weddings, it is all about getting fancy and fabulous as if you are going to the Oscars with your die-hard celebrity crush. Here’s some tricks you should keep in mind to make the best black tie options:

  1. Think Big – Make sure you choose a dress that makes you look and feel like a queen.
  2. Less is More –  Classy and upscale usually means we are dressing to flatter our bodies, not just overly expose all of our goodies :).
  3. Embrace the Power of Tailoring –  Even when we are looking for that “perfect” dress, we have to remember we can get a dress that works but might need a couple of tailoring tricks to get it just right.
  4. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it – So many women settle for something that is okay but they don’t love it. If you are going to invest the time in getting dressed up, you probably should love what you are wearing for the night.

This A-Line Chiffon gown would be a head-turning option for an upcoming black tie wedding.

Who doesn’t love a high-low gown? I believe this gown is proof that magic exists!

SB: What’s your favorite look for an outdoor wedding (with challenges like grass and potential sweltering weather)? 

NN: Outdoor weddings seem perfect in theory. But the reality of sitting in the sun for a long period of time or sinking into the sand at the beach requires advance planning so you are fully prepared for what the day will bring.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Weather – What will be the weather for the day?
  2. Location – Where will the wedding take place? Are there multiple locations involved?
  3. Timing – How long will the event take place? Do you need to be prepared for an outfit that goes from day to night?
  4. Personal Preferences – No one knows you better than you. Do you like to show your arms? Do you like close-fitting dresses? How much bedazzling do you enjoy? You control whether you get a dress that matches you and your personality
  5. Theme – Are there specific themes you need to keep in mind for the event?

The key to dressing for an outdoor wedding is going to be knowledge. The more you know about the event, the better decisions you can make.

This cold shoulder keyhole gown can be the perfect mix for indoor or outdoor events – versatility can never be underestimated.

SB: Any cute outfit ideas for semi-casual events like baby and bridal showers? 

NN: Semi-casual is all about in-between dressing. You want something you are comfortable in that has a bit of flair.  For baby or bridal showers, it is a good idea to stick to wearing something with a good inclusion of color or print and something that gives you good movement.

Celebrating a new life or a couple getting married is a beautiful moment in life. To be able to be a part of a loved one’s special moment is a memorable experience. To honor this experience, it only makes sense to truly invest the time in picking an outfit you absolutely adore, which will be photographed in for the momentous event.

I find wearing something that isn’t too close-fitting helps at baby or bridal showers. Just in case you end up helping out or participating in those infamous party games, you want to feel totally free to move around in what you are wearing.

SB: What’s you favorite styling tip for event dressing? 

NN: Dressing for events comes down to these four tips I use over and over again:

  1. Be Unique – Every outfit is different. Choosing unique and memorable pieces goes a long way towards feeling good in everything you wear.
  2. Dress for Your Body – Knowing your body type really helps with determining which styles and materials look better on your body.
  3. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment – The only way you know if you like a new style or color is to try it on. Enjoy the process of trying on new things so you can learn more about what works and what doesn’t work for you.
  4. Have fun – If you don’t love getting dressed, I urge you to change your mindset. If we don’t want to do something, it is only that much harder to do what you set out to do. Let fashion always be a fun and exciting part of your daily life – especially when dressing up for special occasions!

bell sleeve dress -Yona New York, pleated maxi – XSCAPE, cape dress – Yona New York, striped dress – City Chic

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