How To Style Layers – Q&A With Verena of “Who Is Mocca?”

Masterful layering can upgrade a boring outfit to the next level. Blogger Verena of “Who Is Mocca” is the queen of creating layered looks that add texture and interest without looking bulky. We asked her for styling advice so you can create gorgeous layered looks for yourself!

SB: What are essential clothing pieces for layering?
V: A long blouse, an oversize knit, skinny jeans – maybe a lace bracelet as an eyecatcher.

SB: How do you keep your layered outfits from becoming too thick and bulky?
V: The clothes must harmonize in length and materials with each other.

SB: What is your advice for mixing different colors and materials?
V: Less is more. I never mix more than 2 different colours or materials – except with accessories.

SB: What are your thoughts on layering with prints?
V: I love layering different prints. In particular, I like to mix stripes with leopard or floral designs. When mixing prints, I always choose a classical striped shirt as a base.

SB: How do you use clothing shapes and proportions in layered outfits?
V: This always depends on the garment. Wide palazzo pants can look really good with a wide blouse and a trench coat. I simply pay attention to the fact that the pieces harmonize and look nice together.

SB: What is your favorite layered outfit?
V: Cropped denim, long blouse, cardigan, eyecatcher belt.

SB: What are your tips for incorporating accessories into layered outfits?
V: With a simple layered outfit, I choose eye-catching accessories, which jazz up the outfit. When layering with a lot of prints and colors, I choose accessories in matching colors.

For more style inspiration from Verena, visit Who Is Mocca?

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