The Ultimate Plus-Size Styling Guide

Natasha_Nurse_Interview_Plus_Size_FashionWhen shopping for specialty sizes, the options can feel very limited when it comes to style. As a way to empower curvy women, Natasha Nurse started Dressing Room 8, an online platform dedicated to helping women feel confident and beautiful! We tapped her expertise to find the best resources for chic plus-size fashion and inspiration. Below are her favorite stores, outfit ideas, bloggers, and styling tips that she’s learned over the years!

1. What are some clothing items you wish plus-size women would try more?

I wish plus-size women would be more open to wearing clothes that flatter their shapes and have a more sophisticated look. Not every plus size woman is curvy and not every plus size customer wants to focus on her curves; there are plenty of professional women who are plus size and prefer a more high-end look, but those options tend to be limited. Luckily, companies like Yona New York and Marla Wynne Collection offer clothing in plus sizes without compromising on the taste-level.

3. What is a “plus-size fashion rule” that you think is made to be broken?

All of them because I don’t believe in having rules when it comes to fashion. But the “rule” that plus-size women shouldn’t wear print bottoms is definitely the first one to go!

2. You wear a lot of colorful clothes! What’s your advice for someone who wants to introduce bright colors into their wardrobe?

Just go for it. Fashion doesn’t involve life or death, so any fear relating to fashion is just silly! If something in a bold color catches your eye – try it on. If you think it looks great on you, then wear it! What’s the worst that can happen?

For those who need to dress professionally for work, there’s no rule against incorporating some pops of color here or there; business casual does not necessarily mean only black/grey/beige. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be seeing the rich red soles of Louboutin pumps all over corporate boardrooms these days.


4. Who are your favorite plus-size bloggers for style inspiration?

Some of the bloggers that inspire me include: Marie of The Curvy Fashionista, Farrah of Estrella Fashion Report, Crystal of Sometimes Glam, Sharnda of Feed-N-Clothe-Me, Nanthale of N.E.C. Style, Jamilyn of Style Over Size, Dana of Who’s That Girl Dana?, and Anna of Glitter and Lazers.

5. What’s your favorite styling tip?

In my recent interview with Aimee Cheshire of Hey Gorgeous!, she offered a piece of advice that I’ve now incorporated into my daily mantra: “Be willing to take style risks and invest in well-made pieces that are wardrobe staples.” Fast fashion is now the trend, but you can never go wrong with having a few staple pieces that cost a bit more, but are versatile and make you feel good every single time you wear them.


6. What are your favorite outfits for the following?

  • Date night – I love to wear a well fitted peplum dress. When I am out with my boo, I definitely want to show off my favorite curves!
  • Music Festival – Dancing to my favorite songs requires comfortability and ease. A dressy t-shirt and dark denim jeans totally works.
  • Brunch – A pretty sundress with sunglasses and a show-stopping clutch is ideal
  • Summer BBQ – When you are arm-deep in BBQ sauce, ribs, chicken, and potato salad, you probably want to avoid white and cream. I would go with capri pants and a solid blue, purple, or green v-neck top. I want to feel comfortable without wearing sweat pants 😉

7. Which brands make the best plus-size jeans?

When I used PLVSH, I received a pair of KUT from Kloth ‘Diana’ Stretch Skinny Jeans, which I immediately fell in love with. Due to my hips, I usually struggle with finding great fitting jeans, so this was pretty life changing. Thank you PLVSH!

8. What are your favorite stores for beautiful basics like well-cut tees?

I find my best basics from Simply Be, Lane Bryant, Macy’s, Fashion to Figure, and Ashley Stewart. Hey Gorgeous! also offers a great selection curated by Aimee Cheshire for those looking for some quality basics that are worth the investment – I recommend stopping by their showroom for a real personalized shopping experience.

9. What are your favorite stores for on trend clothing?

It is so exciting to see the progress in the plus size industry! Eloquii, Shegul, Rue107, Yona New York, ModCloth, Beth Ditto, Modamix, PLY, Mynt 1792, and Monif C. are all brands that have a great selection of trendy looks.


Natasha_Nurse_Interview_Plus_Size_Fashion1010. Sometimes plus-size clothing can be boxy. Are there any clothing alterations that can make a world of difference? Or are there any brands you think offer a superior fit?

Unless you’re purchasing a custom-made piece, like from Hannah Caroline Couture, you’re bound to find some awkward-fitting clothes when ordering off the rack (especially if you’re ordering online). My advice is to really do some research into how each brand sizes their clothes. Personally, I love trying on things, so I just grab a bunch of items in different sizes whenever I go shopping and go by trial and error. Even though one brand may have a dress that fits me like a glove, they may not necessarily carry jeans that work for me.

For more resources on plus-size fashion, visit Natasha’s website Dressing Room 8!

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