Petite Styling Guide – Q&A with Christine Petric of View From 5ft 2

petite styling tips

photos courtesy of View From 5ft 2

If you’re under 5’4″, you’ve probably felt frustration while sifting through frumpy pleated pants and sweater sets in the Petite section of your local department store. Finding petite clothes that are youthful and stylish are Christine Petric‘s specialty. As a 5’2″ fashion blogger, she has gathered a list of petite resources that include both specialty and petite-friendly standard sizes. We asked her where she shops and her top petite styling tips.

SB: What are your favorite stores for stylish petite clothes?

CP: ​I love Anthropologie‘s broad selection as well as ASOS for my fast fashion pieces. J.Crew and LOFT do a great job of curating their best pieces in petite sizing and I can always find goodies at Nordstrom that fit! I put all of my petite shopping favorites in one place on my blog for quick reference as well!​

best stores for petite sizes

J.Crew – dress, ASOS – coat, Anthropologie – sweater, Nordstrom – leather jacket, LOFT – skirt

SB: Are there any brands that aren’t specifically made for petites, but still work for a small frame?
CP: Yes.. tons! Over time I’ve found that Dolce Vita, ​Zara, French Connection, BCBG, and Joie work very well for small frames.
Petite Friendly Stores

French Connection – dress, BCBG – knit skirt, Joie – dress, Dolce Vita – cropped tank

SB: What’s your top styling trick for looking taller?
CP: It’s all about proportions and tailoring. When things ​hit you at the right length, it can make all of the difference in the world. You can even be in a great dress with flats and your legs look long. Heels always help create that illusion of height, and black tends to make the frame look taller as well.
3 outfit ideas for appearing taller

photos courtesy of View From 5ft 2

SB: How can petite women choose statement accessories that don’t overwhelm their figure? 
CP: ​I try to look at proportions here as well – a gigantic chunky necklace might take up 1/3 of your chest whereas on a taller person it hits only about 1/4 or less. ​I have gotten a feel for what I’m comfortable with and try to keep any pieces on my necklace to 2-2.5″ max. Anything bigger than that overwhelms my chest. As for earrings, to each his own! Do what you feel comfortable with. If you’re ordering online, always check the product specifications – sometimes images are bigger than they end up being and vice versa!
statement jewelry tips for petites

photo courtesy of View From 5ft 2

SB: What characteristics do you look for to ensure a well-proportioned fit? Do you have your clothes altered?
CP: ​I get most of my clothes altered, actually. I have learned that spending the money to get the right fit will make the entire purchase worthwhile. If you don’t like the way something fits and never wear it, what good is that? 🙂 I mainly get pants and skirts hemmed and occasionally get things taken in. I’m not a fan of fuller, knee length skirts unless you’re going down to a midi length because I think they make me look like a mushroom​. I’ll shorten that up for more of a party skirt 3/4 of the way down my thigh instead.
petite styling advice quote

photos courtesy of View From 5ft 2

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  1. Jean said:

    What do you wear when you are 5′ 1″ but wear a size 16?

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