How to Wear and Layer Jewelry – Q&A With Becca Aronson of ADORNIA

After cleaning out my jewelry box, I noticed that I only own two pieces of fine jewelry – my engagement ring and a necklace my fiancé gave to me as a gift.  I decided it was time I start a grown-up jewelry collection. When Becca, a former associate accessories editor at Lucky Magazine, told me about her new career in the jewelry business, I had to know more: what should I buy, and how do I get away with wearing fine jewelry everyday without looking like I’m trying too hard.

SB: How should I use jewelry to make a basic outfit look more interesting?

B: When in doubt, adorn yourself! A little bit of sparkle makes even a paper bag more interesting. Pick one focal point, either your necklace, earrings, or bracelet, so as not to completely overpower the outfit. Big necklace? Small earrings. Big Earrings? Small bracelet and no necklace. Remember, you’re going to the grocery store, not the academy awards. However, in my opinion you can never have on too many rings.

SB: I love rings but since I wear my engagement ring everyday, I feel like I can’t wear any others. Can I wear more than one ring? What styles work together? What fingers should I wear them on?

B: God gave us two hands, so I say make the most of it! You may have that big glittering rock on your ring finger but don’t let your right hand get jealous. That being said, you want to make your engagement ring the star of your left hand, so opt for more delicate styles so your big ring can shine. You can pair two thin rings on your middle and/or index fingers and even stack a few on top of each other if they are really delicate. On your right hand, feel free to turn up the volume a bit more and opt for a chunkier ring on your index or middle finger. You can still keep up with the latest cocktail ring styles without overpowering your engagement ring.

SB: What type of bracelets look good stacked together?

B: The most important thing is to layer like with like. Bangles should be stacked with bangles and cuffs with cuffs, otherwise you run the risk of bangles slipping down and covering over your other beautiful bracelets. When it comes to your arrangement, the simplest foolproof formula is to stack thin on thin. Go for at least 3 and keep adding for some drama. If you want to kick it up a notch, throw in one chunky bracelet surrounded by your thin ones.

SB: I love the look of layered necklaces. What lengths and styles look good together?

B: Start with a short style 14-16 inches. Then, go for something slightly longer: about 18-20 inches. From there, you can jump to really long at 36 inches or, if you are craving some extra adornment, fill in the extra space with a 24-inch beauty.

SB: I don’t have pierced ears, but I love the way earrings can dress up an outfit. What are my other options?

B: A little known fact is that many pierced styles can actually be made into clip on earrings with a little help from your local jeweler (or the other way around! [You can make] clip-ons into post backs), but there are many options for adornment in the world of fine jewelry! Sounds like you are looking for a statement piece to dress up your look. Depending on the neckline of your top or dress, a bib necklace can add a ton of drama to your ensemble. Also, never underestimate the power of a good cocktail ring.

SB: If I’m looking to buy my first piece of fine jewelry, what’s the most versatile option?

B: A long necklace is a safe bet when purchasing your first piece of fine jewelry. Long necklaces (36” and longer) are great because you can wear them multiple different ways: long, double wrapped, even as a bracelet. One of the most classic investment pieces is a diamonds by the yard necklace, which is a thin chain station necklace with diamonds spaced throughout the chain.

versatile diamonds by the yard
Divia necklace – Adornia

SB: Can I wear fine jewelry with my everyday outfits? If so, how do I pull it off?

B: Absolutely! One of my favorite easy looks is to throw on a white t-shirt and jeans, step into a pair of heels, and pile on the diamonds! There is something so effortlessly chic about the mix of high and low. It says: I may have expensive tastes but I am no high-maintenance lady.

t-shirt – J.Crew, jeans – RED Valentino, Divia necklace – Adornia, Sadie earrings – Adornia, lola bracelet – Adornia, addison ring – Adornia
Find out more about Becca and Adornia at

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