How To Choose The Right Pair of Glasses – Q&A with Sophie Boulanger, Co-founder of BonLook

I’ve had reading glasses since kindergarden but I’ve always avoided being seen in them. No matter how adorable a pair of glasses appears on the rack at the optometrist I always wind up looking like I’m wearing a horrible pair of disguise glasses – not cute. So when I met the girls from BonLook I knew I had a chance to turn it all around. CEO and Co-founder Sophie Boulanger walks me through how to choose the right shape, color, and style for my next pair of frames.

BonLook Co-founder, Tortoise Shell Glasses, Clear Frames, Rebecca Minkoff

photo of Sophie: courtesy of BonLook, pink clutch – Miu Miu, glasses case – Rebecca Minkoff,  tortoise shell – BonLook, two toned frames – BonLook, cateye frames – BonLook

SB: How do I know what shape frame will compliment my face shape?

S: We have a great section on the website that describes this in detail: Quickly, here are a few things to remember:

  • Round face: Avoid round frames; try to go for angular frames that will bring structure
  • Oval face: Almost every frame should fit you!
  • Square face: Look for oval and round frames that will soften your features
  • Heart face: Avoid very large frames that will emphasize your cheek bones
How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face

SB: Should I consider my hair style and color when selecting frames? Do you have any suggestions of good combinations?

S: In general, it’s best to try to follow the rule dark hair/dark frames, light hair/light frames. It will give more coherence to your whole look. But don’t hesitate to dare a dark style even if you have blond hair. It can give a lot of personality to your look.

Choose glasses based on hair color

turban – Free People, light frames – BonLook, lace headband – Free People, dark frames – BonLook

SB: What are some frames that you wish people would try more often (for men and women)?

S: A lot of men are more traditional in their choices and automatically go for rectangle frames. They should definitely try on more square eyeglasses because it can give a lot of edge to any outfit. As for women, they should really try to get their hands on some cateye frames. It’s the shape of the moment that instantly gives a feminine whimsical “je ne sais quoi”!

Sunglasses For Men

button front shirt – Aubin & Wills, shorts – Folk, belt – Jean Shop, loafers – Jimmy Choo, sunglasses – BonLook

SB: Can I punch up my style with glasses? 

S: Of course! Eyeglasses is the fashionable item that can best define an entire outfit. Your personality is expressed through your eyewear choice.

  • Want a soft feminine look? Go for cateye
  • Intellectual? Try round
  • Edgy? Adopt square
  • Classic? Can’t go wrong with rectangle
Choose Glasses That Fit Your Style

cat-eye frames – BonLook, embellished tank – Rebecca Taylor, two toned frames – BonLook, collared blouse – Marni, square frames – BonLook, draped blouse – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, rectangle frames – BonLook, button front blouse –  Boy. by Band of Outsiders

SB: Tortoise shell frames are a classic. What hair and eye color look best with them?

S: One of the main reason for the tortoise shell’s popularity is that it actually works with all skin tones and hair/eye color. I would say it’s an even easier color than black, which can look severe on some people. Tortoise shell gives a more sophisticated and soft look.

Affordable Tortoise Shell Glasses

tortoise shell frames – BonLook

SB: I love color frames but I’m afraid they won’t match my clothes. What color frames should I buy?

S: Lately we have been seeing a lot of color blocking so don’t be afraid to wear this trend with your eyeglasses! Mix and match your outfits with your favorite colorful frames. As a rule of thumb, tortoise shell, brown, black and clear go with everything.

SB: What frames are best for the following clothing styles? 

S: Preppy: square and bold

Preppy Look - Large Square Frames

lace earrings – Juliet & Company, yellow maxi dress – French Connection, bag – Missoni, heels – Kate Spade, tortoise shell frames – BonLook

Feminine: narrow delicate styles, any shape

Feminine Look - Round Delicate Frames

heels – Dior, dress – Dot Gleam, bag – Miu Miu, delicate frames – BonLook

Minimalist: rectangle with simple lines

Minimalist Look - Rectangle Frames

sheer tank – Madewell, draped skirt – Zero + Maria Cornejo, heels – L.A.M.B., rectangle frames – BonLook

French-chic: cateye

French or Parisian Chic Cateye

button front – Chloé, leather shorts – Drome, heels – 3.1 Phillip Lim, bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim, cat-eye frames – BonLook

Artsy: round

Artsy Look - Round Grey Frames

dress – Mary Katrantzou, booties – B Brian Atwood, round frames – BonLook

SB: Should I follow the same styling tips for eyeglasses and sunglasses?

S: As for shapes, definitely. But in terms of sizes, you can go for bigger frames that wouldn’t necessarily fit you as eyeglasses. The fact that the lenses are tinted “forgives” a lot so don’t hesitate to be funkier in your choice. Sunglasses have an important purpose but most of all they need to be fun!

Click here for more information on BonLook 

Further Reading

I spotted this awesome tutorial by Keiko Lynn on makeup for girls who wear glasses

Keiko Lynn in BonLook / Makeup Tutorial

photo courtesy of, fuchsia lipstick – YSL, blush – Too Faced

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  1. This is really cool. I’ll definitely be applying some of these tips to choosing my sunglasses

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