Q&A: Andrea of Blonde Bedhead

You wear bold patterns like leopard and oversized houndstooth so well! How do you pull it off without going over the top? Thank you! I always try to strike a balance between bold patterns and my favorite, platform heels without looking like Peg Bundy and for me, it’s about keep everything else simple.

What piece of clothing do you wear the most and why? Probably my leather jackets. They’re my staple and they add an element of edge to whatever outfit I wear. If I don’t walk out of my house feeling as if I could kick some serious ass, then I’ve failed myself. And I always wait for them to go on sale, because they always do and then I feel great for getting a killer deal on an item I’ll wear for years.
What’s your favorite fall/winter trend? It’s quite obvious the leopard trend has allowed me to find almost any apparel item in a leopard print and is something I’ve indulged in. From multiple pairs of shoes to belts to tops and dresses, I have it in leopard print now! I’ve always loved the print because it’s versatile and easy to mix and match with my shoes and handbags.
Blazers and boots are wardrobe staples – how do you wear these two basics and still keep them fresh and up-to-date? I love to add structured blazers to an outfit – I like to pair them with an oversized tee and necklaces. Boots are definitely a wardrobe staple of mine and it’s just about wearing them in unexpected ways – with feminine dresses or shorts.
If you could buy only one item for your wardrobe this season, what would it be? This is a toughie! I’d have to choose, of course, if money was no issue, it would be this Alexander Wang wool blend felt jacket with leather trim. It’s a gorgeous jacket and encompasses everything I love to wear – edgy, yet unbelievably practical and comfortable.
In the winter, how do you stay warm while still looking fashionable? I have a closet full of faux fur jackets, vests and cowls! I like to layer the faux fur vests over my leather jackets. I think it’s the perfect way to stay warm without giving up on style and is a great way to remix items I already have in my closet!

To read more about Andrea’s style visit her blog Blonde Bedhead

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