Q&A: Kiley of A Sequin Dress at Breakfast

We love the way you wear glamorous pieces like a fur vest or sequin pants for a day – how do you make them work in your looks? Since both a fur vest or sequin pants are bold pieces, I keep the rest of my outfit simple to let the statement ones shine.  I like to wear fun things that I feel good in, and both of these are things that make me happy.

What piece of clothing do you wear the most and why? Lately since it’s turned chilly I wear my fur vest nonstop-it keeps me warm but isn’t as bulky as a coat.  I also wear my jeans all the time-dressed up and down.

What’s your favorite fall/winter trend? Tights and denim in bright jewel toned colors.

Blazers and boots are wardrobe staples – how do you wear these two basics and still keep them fresh and up-to-date? I like to wear my blazers with almost everything-from jeans with a scarf, to over a more fancy dress to make it more casual.  I also always pair a big chunky necklace with my blazer, as they seem to perfectly frame sparkly baubles.

If you could buy only one item for your wardrobe this season, what would it be? An incredible winter coat that makes you feel glamorous every time you wear it.

In the winter, how do you stay warm while still looking fashionable? Faux fur coats, fun winter hats, and bright colored gloves.

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