How To Wear Vintage with Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage

We love the way you’re able to make vintage pieces look fresh. How can our users incorporate vintage into their wardrobe? I think it’s very easy to incorporate vintage! Once you realize how much money you’ll save while thrifting, you’ll find a vintage to make it work in your wardrobe – believe me. To make sure that I don’t look like a Sear’s advertisement from 1965, I like to either (A) incorporate vintage pieces from different decades or (B) mix several modern pieces in.

What piece of clothing do you wear the most and why? Probably a pair of simple wedge booties from Anthropologie that I purchased two years ago. They’re incredibly well made and they go with just about everything.

What’s your favorite fall/winter trend? I’m still loving the whole cape-trend. I’ve actually been collecting vintage capes for 4 years now! My favorite one, however, is a cape that my mom made from a vintage pattern. It’s a lightweight wool and perfect for laying.

Blazers and boots are wardrobe staples – how do you wear these two basics and still keep them fresh and up-to-date? I wear my vintage burgundy leather blazer with just about everything. It’s very fitted and is a little more funky than just basic black or beige. I have some pretty crazy boots that stand up on their own, but I like to freshen up my more reserved boots with a pair of bright tights.

If you could buy only one item for your wardrobe this season, what would it be? A super comfy, thick cable-knit sweater.
In the winter, how do you stay warm while still looking fashionable? Get a jacket that you really love (you’ll be wearing it non stop!) and invest in some toasty tights – I’ve always liked the sweater ones!

Read more about Veronika’s style on her blog Tick Tock Vintage

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