Q&A: Candy of taylor & DEMOLISH

We love that you wear classic pieces that have a little edge to them – how do you shop for these special pieces? Vintage!  The edgiest pieces are the unique pieces that no one else has.

What piece of clothing do you wear the most and why? During the warmer months, it’s racerback tanks.  They are so easy, effortless, and fit my body well.  During the cooler months, it’s blazers.  They dress up and dress down any outfit.

What’s your favorite fall/winter trend? Snoods!  When I don’t feel like getting dressed up, my patterned snoods add a playful kick to my outfits

Blazers and boots are wardrobe staples – how do you wear these two basics and still keep them fresh and up-to-date? The older the blazers and boots are, the better.  I pair my blazers with sheer tops from this season and my boots with maxi sheer skirts or leather(ish) leggings.  Rugged/old/boyish pieces + sheer pieces have a cool, downtown feel that I love.

If you could buy only one item for your wardrobe this season, what would it be? I have spent the past 4 years searching for the perfect vintage motorcycle jacket and I have finally found it! Since I’m always cold and rarely take off my coat in the winter, I always make sure I change up my look with different shoes.  My collection of knee high and ankle boots have grown insanely.  Also, a variety of bold (dark and bright) lipsticks can change up a look instantly!

Read more about Candy ‘s style on her blog  taylor & DEMOLISH !

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