If you don’t take care of your bags and shoes, they’ll end up looking more cheap than chic, no matter how much they cost. Now that you’ve invested your hard earned cash in well-made classic accessories you can wear forever, make sure they last that long by cleaning and storing them properly.

Leslie Fuller, the founder of Bagadocious, walked us through how to make sure your accessories stand the test of time. (Bagadocious’s dust covers not only protect your bags and shoes but can be printed with images of their contents – ensuring you’ll be able to find your items quickly in your closet.)

SB: How should I clean my handbags before storage?  Read More

Alterknit studio in New York

J.Crew sweater, Alterknit studio in New York, sweater in need of repair

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my sweaters for as long as I can remember. I love the way they look, love the way they feel, and love how warm they are – especially since I’m perpetually cold in the winter. On the other hand, I hate that they never last longer than one season because they wind up with holes, pills or various forms of destruction from my laundry routine. Alterknit’s owner Miriam Mades educated me on why these problems occur, how to prevent them and even how some of them can be fixed.

J: What is the best way to avoid problems from storing sweaters?

AK: Washing is the number one most important thing to do [before storage]. People feel they don’t want to wash cashmere or whatever else. You need to wash it – either by hand or in a gentle cycle in your machine. Or dry cleaning. Some people are anti-dry cleaning; I personally alternate between hand washing and dry cleaning.

You have to be careful if you do something by hand or in a machine that the water temperature’s cold enough because [with] wool and cashmere, the fibers will felt if the temperature’s too high, which is Read More

Lindsey Griffin, of Posh & Poised, has a great eye for fashionable work outfits that incorporate color, prints and youthful shapes – yet are right at home in any corporate environment. I’ve long admired women who can put together these kinds of looks (like Kerry Washington, Norah O’Donnell, or Michelle Obama) but now I won’t need to spend so much time scouring the web for celebrity photos, since Lindsey has shared a few of her secrets to looking chic and work-appropriate.  She explains how to pull off prints, what colors are good for the office, how to inject a little personality into your looks, and how to put together the perfect work outfit when you’re low on time.

by Jess Atkins

SB:  Which 10 pieces does every woman need in their basic office wardrobe? 

  1. Silk Blouse  - This classic staple goes with anything and everything.  When I look back at my favorite outfits, they all started with a gorgeous silk blouse.
  2. Classic Blazer -  A tailored blazer is a timeless professional piece that will never go out of style.  I wear mine whenever I need to be at the top of my game.
  3. Power Pencil Skirt -  A pencil skirt is the trademark of a professional woman’s wardrobe.  It achieves a sharp yet stylish look and is incredibly versatile.
  4. Wool Trousers - Different lengths, styles, and fits will come and go, but a pair of tailored wool trousers will stand the test of time.
  5. Statement Necklace -  A statement necklace will take your basic work outfit up a notch.
  6. Black Pumps -  I suggest investing in a high-quality pair that is comfortable and will last you for years.
  7. Carry-all Tote - Every working woman needs an oversized, neutral tote that you can throw your work life into and still look chic.
  8. Sheath Dress - A sheath dress is another classic option that works in any setting and is super easy to style.
  9. Oversized Watch - An everyday, oversized watch throws a menswear element into your look.  I never leave home without mine.
  10. Clutch - You can take your work outfit from day to night for a happy hour or dinner meeting by simply trading your tote out for a chic clutch.

SB: What kind of heels can add personality to an office look without looking too sexy?

L: Never underestimate the power of your shoe choice!  Shoes are a great and easy way to express yourself fashion-wise at work.  I am currently loving ankle-strap heels as a sassy but still sophisticated option.  The ankle strap adds a little personality to the shoe and also makes the heel more Read More


The men in my life often ask me how to buy good-looking clothes without putting spending hours at the mall. Since I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to go shopping, I normally don’t have any good advice for them. Well, that was until heard about Trunk Club –  an online personal styling and shopping service. They select merchandise based on a survey about your taste and then the clothes are shipped directly to you. You can try everything on at home with your existing wardrobe and decide what to keep with no pressure. Michael Barkin, Head of Sales at Trunk Club, gave us advice on how to start a great wardrobe!

by Jessica Moore

SB: What are the ten basic pieces every guy needs in their wardrobe and why?

  1. Navy Blazer – the single most important piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe.  Infinitely versatile with jeans, cotton pants and slacks alike.
  2. Crisp white dress shirt – Because there’s no better shirt to wear under a suit, blazer or any other Read More


Creating an appealing, organized and functional space for your wardrobe doesn’t require the budget for custom built-ins. This guide will help you save space and display everything you own so it actually gets used. The best part? The grand total for everything will be less than $250!

1. Purge!

You’ll be much happier when you get dressed if everything in front of you is something you’ll actually wear. Your old sweatshirts and the ugly bridesmaid dresses you convinced yourself you’d wear again definitely don’t belong in your new fabulous closet – get rid of them!


2. Make Your Foldable Clothes Easily Accessible

What You Need:

The folding board will help you make neat, even stacks of sweaters. The clear drawers make it easy to see what each drawer contains. Keeping everything visible makes it less likely that clothes that are on Read More

After cleaning out my jewelry box, I noticed that I only own two pieces of fine jewelry – my engagement ring and a necklace my fiancé gave to me as a gift.  I decided it was time I start a grown-up jewelry collection. When Becca, a former associate accessories editor at Lucky Magazine, told me about her new career in the jewelry business, I had to know more: what should I buy, and how do I get away with wearing fine jewelry everyday without looking like I’m trying too hard.

SB: How should I use jewelry to make a basic outfit look more interesting?

B: When in doubt, adorn yourself! A little bit of sparkle makes even a paper bag more interesting. Pick one focal point, either your necklace, earrings, or bracelet, so as not to completely overpower the Read More

Photo of Audrey Tom of Putting Me Together

For me, the perfect wardrobe is full of multipurpose items that can be easily mixed and matched. Audrey Tom of Putting Me Together has mastered the art of reimagining – or remixing – pieces in her closet, resulting in a versatile and fabulous wardrobe. The best part is that she has moved beyond bland neutrals and has successfully integrated colors and patterns without ending up with a closet full of one-hit wonders. We picked her brain to find out how she buys clothes that can be remixed with the rest of her closet, and how she puts outfits together.

SB: What is the most versatile item in your wardrobe?

A: Oh, this is a hard one! I think it’d either have to be my mustard cardigan or my floral tank. Those two pieces go with nearly anything!


mustard cardigan – J.Crew, floral tank – Quicksilver

SB: What’s your starting point when you’re building an outfit?

A: I usually start with the bottom half. I naturally tend to stick with skinny jeans and a cute top, so in an attempt to vary my outfits I now start with the bottom half so that I’m not always defaulting to regular old jeans.

SB: What’s your favorite base outfit and how do you give it more character?

A: My favorite is a cute top and jeans, and I usually change it up with different colored blazers, Read More


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